Thought Of The Day: What Does Your Local Comics Scene Look Like?

Obviously your definition of “local area” will vary depending on where you live; New York City may have a much smaller local sphere than my hometown in the South of Devon, England, which could more reasonably stretch across the entirety of Devon in much the same way I’d consider Atlantic Canada to be my current local comics scene rather than any specific province within the region simply due to the volume of independent comics that I come across. But regardless of the size of your local area, my question to you, dear reader, is how active is your local comics scene, and when was the last time you actively sought out local-to-you comics at your Local Comic Shop?

I’ve found a couple of really interesting stories that way (some are also available as webcomics – such as this one), and some… less interesting. But the thing is, because they’re created by people who visit the same shops as I do across the region, I wanted to give them a shot. And I don’t regret doing that with any of the comics I’ve picked up over the years.

There’s a chance that your local area may not have anybody actively creating comics for the mass market, but maybe you can find a small pamphlet like comic produced locally in a small corner of the shop or a local convention. And if you do find one, then why not check it out?


You may find your next favourite series…

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