When Attending A Con, Make Sure You Know What Day It’s On…

The title kinda gives away the direction of this post, eh?

As you may or may not know, I recently traveled to the UK to visit some family, friends and eat more food than I needed (weight was gained, but not as much as I expected). I picked up a few British comics, magazines, and chocolate bars to bring back with me, and generally had a great time. Upon my return I was getting ready to make preparations on the weekend for the East Coast Comic Expo the following Saturday, the 27th of May – especially after I was fortunate enough to win tickets to the event through a Facebook giveaway.  There were going to be a couple of great guests at the con that I was super excited to meet and get various items signed and sketched. 

The plan was to get all the comics and items ready the Saturday before the con so I wasn’t rushed the day before. I thought it was a great plan, honestly.

Needless to say, I was a little miffed off at myself when I was perusing Facebook  Saturday evening, the 22nd, and saw a sketch done by Cary Nord that day. Oh, I thought to myself completely missing the name of the con where the sketch was drawn, I want one of those! I won’t how much he charges…. Bugger. Realization dawned first, then crushing disappointment. The convention I had been so looking forward to the next weekend had finished mere hours earlier. ECCE wasn’t on the 27th. It was on the 22nd.

So a word of advice to you that should be common sense; when planning on a trip to an out of city convention, or any event, make sure you know what bloody day it’s on.



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