The Brit In Canada Finally Got Some British Comics!

In the last month I was fortunate enough to head back to England to visit family, friends and eat the food  that I missed the most while living in Atlantic Canada – a pasty. Copious amounts of them, actually. I also took the opportunity to bring back as many British comics as I could find – which wasn’t as many as I hoped for, honestly, but I did end up with a decent selection of weekly comics for a reasonable price (especially when you factor in how much these comics would cost me if I picked them up at a local book shop known for importing magazines and such from other countries).

What did I end up getting, you may ask?

Two issues of the weekly war comic Commando, a copy of the legendary 2000AD that spawned many a great character, Judge Dredd Magazineas well as an issue and two hardcover annuals of Viz Magazine. I also grabbed a copy of Comic Heroes, but seeing as how I usually subscribe to that magazine and have it delivered in Canada, I didn’t think that was as relevant as the others (although my sub had ran out and I forgot to renew it… so the issue I picked up was one I needed, and required quite a hunt to track down), because I’m used to reading it every quarter.

I also picked up a couple of old Marvel comics with the British monetary system on the front rather than the dollars and cents we see over here today. While I am fairly sure that a cover with cents on it would fetch a higher value from collectors, I have no intention of ever flipping these comics.

While it’ll probably take some time for me to sit down an read everything I brought back (purely because I don’t want to rush my way through them), I’m genuinely looking forward to exploring a style of comic that we aren’t as exposed to in North America – at least, I’m not anyway.  Although, by the time this actually runs I may have been able to get through a good chunk of what I brought back, so there may be a Tea & Comics or something featuring one or two of the books I read.


It’s possible I’ll just procrastinate even more.


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