A Short Spoiler Free Review Of Wonder Woman

wonder_woman.jpgWhen I wrote that I was excited to see Wonder Woman on Saturday I didn’t realize that within six hours of writing the post that I’d be sat down in the cinema doing just that.  That was three days ago, and over those three days I’ve let the movie sink in a little; my first reactions upon seeing the movie was “wow. holy moly… we needed it to be that good.”

In an entirely spoiler free review, all I’ll say about the movie is that it is 85% great, and 15% good. The parts that I felt were “merely” good actually has more to do with my own questioning of how the movie fits into the larger DC Expanded Universe, and has little to do with the movie itself – while I’m aware that it’s my problem I was taken out of the movie just a little (I’ll expand on this here in a month or two once more people have had a chance to see the movie, or once I’ve seen it again, but if you must know then hit me up on twitter @karcossa and I’ll explain it a bit more there), it still pulled me out just enough. That minor, and utterly confusing quibble aside, I absolutely loved the movie.

While plenty of folks have been saying it’s the strongest entry in the DCEU, that’s not exactly hard, really, is it?

wonder woman poster2.jpgWonder Woman is genuinely one of my favourite superhero movies. The only movies that stand above it for me are Logan and maybe The Dark Knight. What I can honestly say is that Logan aside, Wonder Woman is, for my money, the best superhero movie released in the last nine years upon first viewing.

Gal Gadot was phenomenal, and her performance has my wife thinking about watching Batman Vs Superman just to get some more Wonder Woman. I have a feeling she’ll want to see Justice League later this year because of Gal Gadot’s performance here. While Gadot was spectacular, Chris Pine was brilliant as Steve Trevor – complimenting Gadot’s Diana whenever they shared the screen but never taking the focus from the central character… look without revealing anything about the movie, all I can say is that this is a brilliant fucking film. I cannot recommend this enough to you.

It’s an absolute masterpiece.



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