Thought Of The Day: Single Issue Comics Are Like Vinyl Records

When you think about vinyl records you tend to think about how the purportedly outdated analogue method of listening to music has more warmth to it than the allegedly soulless  digital records so many have on their phones and such. While an album produced on vinyl can often command a higher price than one on the iTunes store (or other digital equivalent), vinyl aficionados will often tell you that there’s more character and soul when hearing an play on a turntable verses from a digital source.


Just because there are cheaper methods to hear your music available, many people gravitate toward vinyl because they prefer the way it sounds, the way it feels when the sounds hits the walls… the artwork on the cover jacket.

Much like comics, where single issue print comics, or floppies, are not the most cost effective way of consuming a story anymore. A person who just wants to read the stories has multiple options open to them; digital comics are typically a little more cost effective than other options (I haven’t actually ever purchased a digital floppy so this is conjecture based on Comixology sales adverts and chatter about the superb deals available from those sales). If you would rather hold a physical product in your hand then there’s always trade paperbacks which usually run cheaper than buying the individual floppies at the trade off of having to wait for the floppies to be released before the publisher collects them into a TPB.

I prefer to read my comics in floppy form, especially for the series that I really love and enjoy collecting. There are some stories I’ll pick up in trade form, but those are often either stories I’ve missed when they first hit the shelves and it’s become too cost prohibitive to track down the floppies, or I just want to read the stories without having to track down the floppies. Essentially the same thing, I suppose, but one is motivated by cost and the other by laziness. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this way, either.

Much like a vinyl collector would rather shell out for a record, or hunt down a certain printing of an album, I’d rather collect the individual floppies than anything else – especially when looking for an older issue. I find it more rewarding to collect those older comics than I do TPBs.

But that’s just me. What about you, do you agree?


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