Thought Of The Day: The Amalgam Universe

Amalgam_Comics_logo.pngI’ve been thinking about the Amalgam Universe quite a lot lately, partly because I found the graphic novel my nan gave me for Christmas back in the nineties (Amalgam Age Of Comics: The DC Comics Collection), and partly because I found an issue of Legends Of The Dark Claw #1 in a dollar bin not that long ago. For those that don’t know, essentially the Alamgam Universe is the result of a much publicized crossover series by both Marvel and DC in the mid 1990’s that combined the two publisher’s most popular characters, such as Superman and Captain America combining to form Super Soldier, and Wolverine and Batman became Dark Claw.  The entire Alamgam line was chock full of characters made up of  combination of one from each publisher; some of the combinations were more interesting than others, but you can tell that the writers had fun when coming up with the stories, the fictional history of the universe, and the names of the people and places.

amalgam dc1

Back when I first got the Marvel Versus DC graphic novel I was really only aware of Batman and Superman from DC, so in many ways the Alamgam Universe was my first introduction to some facet of DC’s characters. What better way for a Marvel fan to be introduced to DC than by reading stories featuring characters made up of a combination of Marvel and DC heroes and villains?

While I didn’t delve into DC properly for years later, I felt that the Amalgam stories, and the crossover event they span out from (Marvel Versus DC or DC Verses Marvel depending on which TPB cover you have) served as a decent enough introduction to the characters that I had never really heard of up until that moment, and for that reason (among many others) the Amalgam Universe will always have a soft spot in my heart.


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