Welcome to another blog about the wonderful world of comics!

Ramblings Of A Comics will cover almost anything to do with the four colour stories that have enriched our lives for the past century, written by a man who has loved comics for more than twenty five years, and superheroes even longer. This blog will have posts about topics as diverse as the history of the medium, the authors personal hunt for certain issues, and maybe also writing the odd detailed piece about a specific page of a comic. And pretty much anything else related to comics, and maybe once in awhile something not comics related.

Disclosures: From time to time, you’ll see a review posted here. If the product was provided for free review you’ll see a statement to that effect, just as you will see a similar statement indicating when an article was also posted to Graphic Policy.

Also, parts of the site’s logo were created by Indigo Comics. Indigo Comics provide their products free of charge on their website, and from time to time I will write about and/or review their comics. I will always give a fair review, regardless of their contributions to the logo.


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