Support Ramblings Of A Comics Fan

From time to time, posts will appear on Ramblings Of A Comics Fan that will contain affiliate links. Whenever an affiliate link is placed within a review, or preview of a product then you’ll see this disclaimer at the bottom:

This post contains an affiliate link. Which means that if you click on that link and make a purchase, Ramblings Of A Comics Fan’ll receive a percentage of the sale. I do purchase items from this site, so if you do make a purchase through these links then it’ll help support this blog. If not, then no worries!

If the disclaimer isn’t there, then there’s no affiliate link.

Below you’ll find a list of the affiliate programs that have a dedicated link for Ramblings Of A Comics Fan. Usually they’ll be inserted in a “click here” way, but on this page you can just click the image. This page will be updated whenever a new affiliate program is joined, so check back every now and then. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase anything through these links, but I’d sure appreciate it if you did!

Comic Bento


Loot Crate


Nerd Block


Tee Fury



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