Falling Out Of Love With Romance Comics

The first original Romance comic was created by two of the most unlikely creators: Jack Kirby, and Joe Simon. Best known today for their incredible contribution to superhero comics, Kirby and Simon also created the first full Romance Comic to hit the newsstands, and by doing so effectively created a new genre of comic book: …

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The Rise And Fall Of Horror Comics

Horror comics have had it rough. For a few years they were at the forefront of the comic book industry, pushing the envelope with the stories they told, and influencing some of the most recognizable names in horror over the past five decades. From the late 40's to the mid 50's, horror comics essentially printed …

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Ant-Man? Who The #@%* Is He?

Ant-Man, the newest movie by Marvel Studios came out this weekend. From the reviews I have seen (and I've avoided a great many of them), it sounds like it's being well received. When I had mentioned that I was intending to go and watch it this week, I found that there was a general reaction …

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What Was The Merry Marvel Marching Society?

The Merry Marvel Marching Society wasn't the first comic book fan club, but it was the first Marvel Comics fan club. The fan club was started by Stan Lee after a campaign in Marvel's comics that were released in the Fall of 1964 (although the cover date was February of 1965).  Marvel Comics had been promoting the "M.M.M.S." …

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Did Elvis Help The Comic Book Industry?

During the 1950's, comics came under attack for their depiction of graphic violence,  culminating in the creation of the Comics Code Authority. But just as comics were beginning to emerge from the heat of the senate hearings brought on from the book Seduction of the Innocent, the pitch forks began turning  to another target. Rock …

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A Blast From The Past #3

In honour of Throwback Thursday, here's an image of Jack "King" Kirby from 1949. Jack Kirby co-created some of Marvel's most well known characters; from the Fantastic Four, the Hulk and Thor, to the original five X-Men.


Wonder Woman: A Cultural Icon

"Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with …

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I Hate Bob Kane

I hope that got your attention. Now before I say anymore, I want to clarify something; I don't hate Bob Kane, I hate what he did to Bill Finger. I came across this article on cracked.com today entitled 5 Ways Batman's True Creator Got Screwed Out OF His Legacy, and I have to tell you I was …

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A Blast From The Past #2

In honour of Throwback Thursday, here is one of the few images known to exist of Bill Finger, the uncredited, underappreciated co-creator of Batman.


A Blast From The Past #1

In honour of Throwback Thursday, here is an image from 1954 of the legendary Stan Lee.