Will Video Game Movies Ever Surge Like Comic Book Movies Did?

There’s a great look at whether videogame movies can ever share the same success as comic book movies over at Title To Be Determined.

Title to be determined

I read an article a while ago (sorry, I can’t find the link) that discussed video game movies and why none of them live up to expectations. That got me thinking about the difference between video game movies and comic book movies. Both comics and video games started as “nerd” activities, but playing video games has moved into the mainstream, while reading comics is still considered a niche activity. What’s odd about that is that comic book movies have thrived while video game movies have struggled. Here are my thoughts on why that happened, and whether or not video game movies will ever make a similar surge in popularity:


superman movieComics have been around for a long time. The Golden Age of comics started in the late 1930s, and Superman, the first superhero, debuted in 1938. That currently gives comic books about an 80-year backlog of characters and stories that…

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Logan Vs Deadpool: Two Vastly Different R Rated Comic Book Movies

The last 18 months has seen two mainstream comic book movies released in theaters with an R rating: Deadpool in February of 2016, and Logan in March of 2017. Although Batman Vs Superman has an R rated cut, it wasn't released that way originally (though it probably should have been) so I'm not going to include that in this post, instead …

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Thought Of The Day: Do We Need A Trailer For Another Star Wars Movie?

Let's be honest; you already know whether you're going to watch the next Star Wars movie, and the one after that, so do you really need to see a trailer before watching the movie? I ask this after steadfastly avoiding the first trailer and teaser images for The Last Jedi  - which is why you'll notice there's no poster …

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A Short, Spoiler Free Review Of Beauty And The Beast

Although I'm not going to spoil the movie, I'm going to assume that if you care enough to read this review then you've either seen the original animated feature, or you know the essence of the story at the very least, so I'm really not going to delve into that aspect of the movie too …

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Underrated: Fantastic Four (The 2015 Movie)

Before you start yelling at me for writing a column about why the worst reviewed Fantastic Four movie doesn't entirely suck, I'm not saying the movie is the best thing since sliced bread. It's not. But it is unfairly shit on by so many of us, and that's the whole point of Underrated. This is …

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Here We Go Again: The Crow Reboot

It was recently announced that the newest iteration of The Crow movie franchise will begin filming next year, after several starts and stops with the production process (funding was an issue, apparently) with Jason Momoa playing Eric Draven, the same role that was played by the late Brandon Lee in the original 1994 adaptation of James …

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How Movies Teach Manhood

I came across this Ted Talk from 2012 (I think) in which Colin Stokes explores the impact of media on kids and the importance of positive female and male characters; characters who show the value of teamwork and respecting women. He urges us to seek out movies and TV shows that defy gender stereotypes and shares an …

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