Are Indies Selling More Now Than Ever Before?

I was talking to the owner of my LCS today about the state of the scene, or more specifically where Marvel is standing in the shop. When I said that perhaps the best thing to have happened to the indie comics scenes in recent years was Marvel's constant cycle of Events followed by a new …

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“So You’re Just Getting Into Comics?”

It's a fair question in this day and age; comics are becoming more popular with the deluge of comic book movies hitting the silver screen. With almost one a month vying for your attention, it's understandable that some people are being drawn (back?) into the four colour page. The thing is, despite the innocuous nature …

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Should We Care About Comic Book Continuity?

I love learning about the history of comic books. It allows me to indulge a love of reading, research and finding out What Has Gone Before. A love that, in another life could have drawn me toward archaeology in some form or another. Reading about how the publishing companies were formed, evolved, and in many cases …

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Why Wolverine Should Stay Dead

Let me preface this by saying if it wasn't for Wolverine, my life would be so drastically different than it is now. This isn't hyperbole, this isn't an exaggeration, this is the truth. I brought my first comic in May of 1997. I was 12, and it was Wolverine Unleashed #8, a comic produced by …

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