Will Video Game Movies Ever Surge Like Comic Book Movies Did?

There’s a great look at whether videogame movies can ever share the same success as comic book movies over at Title To Be Determined.

Title to be determined

I read an article a while ago (sorry, I can’t find the link) that discussed video game movies and why none of them live up to expectations. That got me thinking about the difference between video game movies and comic book movies. Both comics and video games started as “nerd” activities, but playing video games has moved into the mainstream, while reading comics is still considered a niche activity. What’s odd about that is that comic book movies have thrived while video game movies have struggled. Here are my thoughts on why that happened, and whether or not video game movies will ever make a similar surge in popularity:


superman movieComics have been around for a long time. The Golden Age of comics started in the late 1930s, and Superman, the first superhero, debuted in 1938. That currently gives comic books about an 80-year backlog of characters and stories that…

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